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A small victory

Reposted from a post in the Facebook Group “Protecting Our Surf City Students Everyday (POSSE)” by Kurt Chrestensen

Last night was a small victory for the Perry community, and perhaps a setback for the rest of HB.

An architectural “feasibility study” will move ahead to assess the closure and sale of the site, and the School District will be shelling out $44,000 dollars for it. However, the study is no longer limited in scope- it has officially been changed to look at the closure of other schools as well, giving Perry parents a sigh of relief, but foreseeably making other parents nervous. In some form or another, closures, especially land sales, will negatively impact ALL our kids and neighborhoods.

FOUR closures is enough! We need community schools and open space. It is our position that we must preserve the seven schools we have left. According to the School Accountability Report Cards (on the HBCSD website), cross referencing with other district websites, our average school size is 629 students- without more closures. OV has an average of 490, FV average of 572, and Westminster coming in at 476.

Its time for all the people of city to start paying attention. We can’t go on increasing the size of our schools- it’s just not right. It is our city. It goes against the idea of community and numerous research studies which the shows benefits of reasonable sized schools. Many schools in other areas are hardly a mile or less from one another. There has to be a better way.

Many people don’t realize that Peterson was closed down years back- it now has 677 students! Can you imagine if that land had been sold? People of HB, young and old… be diligent! Realized that populations fluctuate and that when land is gone, it is gone for good.

We shouldn’t become a city of mega schools! Go to the School Board Meetings, read the agendas and minutes, get involved, and be in touch with your Board. Otherwise, things will happen while we are looking the other way.

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