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Keeping up with education in Huntington Beach

Cathey Ryder’s Talk at the School Board meeting.

Good evening, Board of Trustees, Superintendent, District staff and members of the community.

I am Cathey Ryder , a retired educator and have lived in HB since 1985.

I am a proud community partner of Perry Elementary school.

I would like to highlight some research on the importance neighborhood schools.

In February 2018, the Public School Review published an article titled Why neighborhood schools matter to home buyers.

In October 2018, David Berlin, an educational psychologist and professor emiteritus form Arizona State University gave remarks at a leadership conference on The importance of neighborhood schools.

March 2016 the Leadership Academy issued a report on the importance of neighborhood schools.

September 2, 2014 NPR gave a report on the importnace of neighborhood schools.

April 2013 Discover magazine had an article on the Enduring Importance of neighborhood schools.

Arne Duncan , former US Secretary of Education, gave a speech on the NEED for neighborhood schools.

March 2012 Edutopia published How neighborhood schools enhance a community.

November 2009, Ed Leadership published the Importance of schools to a community.

January 2003 the The National Bureau of Economic Research released their findings on the importance of maintaing neighborhood schools.

The Intercultural Development Research Association as far back as 1999 stressed the value of preserving neighborhood public schools.

Please do your homework on the Value of keeping the remaining HBCSD neighborhood schools open.

Good evening,

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