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April 30th Confusion at School Board Meeting

Last Tuesday’s 7-11 Committee update: 
-Seven members in attendance

-Members had asked for demographics. They were provided with a 15 year old map that still had Kettler as an existing school on it.

-Some confusion on current school numbers, but numbers were provided.

-We came to find out the school district doesn’t even have a revised map on their website!

-Big takeaway, realizing that the Kettler kids have been assigned to Moffett and Eader, yet no other changes have been made to boundaries (no wonder Perry’s numbers are so much smaller).

No hard data about Sowers vs. Gisler building site costs were provided, therefore that portion had to be skipped.

No real cost analysis was presented about selling or leasing land.

-Next meeting, Wednesday, May 15th, 5:30

WHO’S IN CHARGE HERE AND WAS THERE EVEN A REAL STUDY?! This whole meeting was ridiculous. ?


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